21 peaks in 21 days

One National Park, two brothers, 21 peaks over 2000m, 21 days… and all to raise $$$$ for the Kea Conservation Trust. Follow us on Facebook!

You can follow our progress on this live map using our GPS SPOT tracker

You can view video clips about our expedition on our YouTube Channel

Expedition sponsors

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The expedition will take place in the South Island’s Nelson Lakes National Park. Starting at the road end in the Matakitaki Valley the expedition aims to climb all of the 21 named peaks in the National Park above 2000m within 21 days, finishing at the Mt Robert car park. You can find a list of the 21 mountains and the order in which they will be climbed here.

Expedition in the media
Ki Waho (January 2013) – coming soon.
Dominion Post (6 December) – click here.
Marlborough Midweek (14 November) – click here.
The Press (12 November) – click here.
Wilderness Magazine online article – click here.
Biv Mail (November 2012) – click here.
Mainland Press (25 October 2012) – click here.
CTV interview – click here.
Nelson Mail article on Stuff.co.nz (2 October 2012) – click here.
Dominion Post article (29 September 2012) – click here.

Click here for a PDF of our expedition map. Image created by Fairfax media with thanks. You can view more detailed maps of the intended route by clicking on the links below.
Map 1        Map 2        Map 3        Map 4        Map 5        Map 6        Map 7        Map 8

Expedition aims:

  1. To summit all of the 21 named summits over 2000m in Nelson Lakes National Park
  2. To complete this within 21 days
  3. To inspire kiwis to get outdoors and create their own adventures right here in New Zealand
  4. To raise awareness of the plight of the kea, one of New Zealand’s most iconic birds and a nationally endangered species.

Sponsor a mountain
Business, brands, organisations and individuals have the opportunity to ‘sponsor a mountain’. As we climb that mountain the sponsor will be required to contribute the same amount of money as the height of the mountain. For example Mt Franklin is 2340m so the sponsor of this mountain will contribute $2340 to the Kea Conservation Trust. If all 21 mountains are sponsored the expedition will raise approximately $50,000. This entire amount will be gifted to the Kea Conservation Trust.

‘Sponsoring a mountain’ is a unique opportunity to directly benefit a NZ conservation issue. The Kea (Nestor notabilis) is now listed as a nationally endangered species and the status of the wild kea population remains unclear. The population of Kea has declined by 80% in the Nelson Lakes National Park area. If something is not done to reverse this worrying trend the Kea may become another NZ bird struggling for survival.

If you are interested in sponsoring a mountain and supporting the Kea Conservation Trust contact us at nz.nathan.watson@gmail.com.

Current Mountain Sponsors
Mt Ella – Outward Bound
Emily Peaks – Individual Caroline Donovan
Mt Travers – TBfree NZ
Angelus Peak – Print Max
Mt Una – Maruia River Lodge & Cafe



Outward Bound

Print Max Maruia River Lodge

Becoming an individual sponsor
We’ve had lots of request from people asking how they can support our cause by donating small amounts. This is now possible by ‘buying a kilometer’. The total length of the expedition will be approximately 240km (direct from start to finish without factoring in elevation). Individual supporters can buy a kilometer for $10, all donations are direct to the Kea Conservation Trust, we don’t touch the money!

You can make donations into: 12-3020-0461043-00 using the reference ’21peaks21days’ and your name so we can thank you (if you want to). The Kea Conservation Trust is a charity so a registration number and GST number can be provided on request (contact us via the email address above).

Support our expedition by liking our Facebook page and buying a kilometer and go in the draw to win a beautiful signed edition of Craig Potton’s ‘New Zealand’. All money raised goes directly to Kea Conservation! The more you donate the more chances of winning – lucky winner announced the day before we head into the hills (February 8).


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